Finaly another blog of questionable quality.....

I haven't been doing much on the site lately, nor with the distilling. The messageboard stays busy as usual and there is plenty of good information there for people who have a spirit of adventure.


Today I am stripping a neutral, it was a disaster from the start. It stalled, not once, twice nor thrice, but four times in total. It had a lacto infection by the looks of it, which in itself is not the end of the world, but added with the other issues it had it made for a very very challenging ferment.


At any rate, half of it is in the still running out now.



























The still is somewhat shorter than what it usually is, I have some bits missing I need to replace and thought why not just run it in pot mode. And so it shall be.


I used the following recipe for the neutral;


No, I didn't even take notes. Good thing that I would not suggest following this particular ferment :) I do know I used about a Kg of kibbled wheat and about 250g of kibbled rye. The potential ABV was about 8% or there abouts and was a 90ltr ferment in total kept at around 26 Deg C for the time it took to ferment out. All said and done it was in the fermentation chamber for about two months, which is crazy, really really crazy. If you want a good neutral that works, is quick and tastes great you should really try this


This was created by a member of our distilling community Teddysad and everyone who has tried it is converted to running this rather than the bog stock TPW (tomato paste wash).


I thought the yeild on this run may have been terrible, but it seems it might be ok. The taste is odd, very very odd.


It will be the last run before I pack up the still getting ready to move.


After living and breathing distilling and making stills for the last five years it is time for me to concentrate on some other things, that is not to say I will not remain active in this particular pursuit, but I am looking at dialing it back a little bit. I look back and realise I still have a huge amount to say on the subject, and will from time to time, make an effort to put this down in the written word in the hope someone my find it usefull.


And, constant reader, that is the first 50ltr strip done and dusted. You will have to excuse me for a while as I empty and recharge the still. I thank you in advance for your patience :)


Thanks for waiting :)


My little pump I bought from china is less than ideal, it works well, unless it isn't, it cost about 20 odd NZD so I suppose I can not expect too much from it, it is running slightly less quickly than a syphon at the moment, I suspect there is a bit of wheat fouling the impeller. No matter, I will set up some gauze on the little gadget I made for pumping out of the fermenters.




I should stop it and clean it, but it is not self priming and I have all night.


Found a way to unblock it, although it is so low tech I am ashamed to post it........


So now the second strip is away.


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