The week that has been.......

Well it has been a week of ups and downs, as far a distilling has gone. I managed to strip run and spirit run a few washes. Had some modifications done to the DOPS so I could do everything in one run, so no more stripping needed.

This is great because it means I use half the gas, so instead of costing $10 to get the spirit out of the wash it is more like $6. Good savings :)


There has been some problems with the Deplegmaters (Reflux condensers) being a bit small. Originally I had made them 80mm with 7 x 1" tubes. After testing they are not giving me 100% reflux. To short? Yeah maybe. I have yet to pack one of them with scrubbers and give it another run, which, will hopefully, prove to sort the problem out. But anyway, this is next weeks problem.


The EDOPS boiler was unveiled, after months of being plugged away at slowly, it is finally welded up, ready to be insulated and wired. I am still waiting on bits from china to complete the electronics. See the build here .


I have also been waiting on the bits to complete the automated parrot, there have been a number of different versions and ideas thrown around, starting with the prisim,



which worked less than spectacularly, but still may prove to be operational........


The latest is using sonar and Arduino, which will be coming up later in another post sometime.


So the real triumphs for the week are 4.5ltrs of Rum and of UJ on oak on the ageing bench......


Until next week, safe stilling everyone.


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